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Botox for your hair ? Yes you heard right, and no it did not involve any needles.

Last week we visited Sorbet BlowDry bar in the Dunkeld shopping center to test out this new treatment. Thank you to the wonderful staff at sorbet for looking after me that day.

As I am getting married in December, honeymoon perfect hair is on the top of my cards. Winter can be cruel to our hair and especially living in Joburg, our hair can get very dry which causes more frizz. I in particular have very curl hair and the more moisture it looses the more frizz I get. 

All you need to know about Inoar Botox Treatment
 - After the 30 minutes treatment you see results
 - It lasts up to 4 weeks
 - It will not influence the tint/colour in your hair
 - no fumes / no odour / no burning of eyes
 - Promotes growth
 - Restores & Hydrates hair
 - Frizz Reduction
 - Strengthens Hair
 - ‘Plumps-up’ the hair for a more manageable look.
 - Reduces knots and easily detangles hair
 - Curl Reduction - But does not eliminate the curl
 - Adds shine to the hair
 - Developed with Wheat Germ Oil which is Fatty Acids, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Grape Vine extract, Keratin and   Glyoxylic acid.
 - Rich in Vitamine A, C and E which protects your hair from harmful agents!
 - Rich in antioxidants that fight Free Radicals.

After the treatment my hair was super glossy and super soft. It is an instant fix for damaged hair. I bought their Argan oil Thermoliss to maintain and a also a huge fan of the Redken all soft Argan oil.

Love: Daniella FrankiskosIMG_5707.jpg

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